Show Up & Reclaim Your Pleasure

Showing up for yourself can look so different for each person and in your own life, it can change its form from one day to the next.  But one thing remains the same when you show up: you are holding yourself in honesty. We show up for others daily. Most of us go to a job, we serve our community, we attend to our family, and we give energy into relationships.  But where does that leave YOU in this equation?

I’ve been asking myself this question for months now, how do I show up for myself. Recently at an event for female entrepreneurs, the question that brought everything to light was, “what are you pretending to be? When the question was asked, tears streamed down my face when I realized all the ways I’m NOT showing up for myself and the little lies I tell myself that keep me from my own conscious power and will!  There are the little lies and omissions we have running through our head that have made us comfortable within a frame of mind that keeps us content with the bare minimum of experience. The “I’m not good enoughs" or the “I'm not smart enoughs". Enough with the enoughs! Towards the end of 2018, I became increasingly aware of the broken record of lies, I was able to observe how they were dictating my actions (or lack thereof), and I became wholeheartedly aware of how much it just didn’t feel right anymore.  My body was holding the truth for me when my thoughts couldn’t. This dissonance felt burdensome and I was becoming emotional and just a big ol pain in my own butt!. The awareness of these lies became more materialized, no longer amorphously clouded in the density of my subconscious. They were coming to light, the light of awareness, the awareness that is the gaze of your divine higher being. When held in the gaze of awareness, these thoughts were able to take final form and I saw them, I became fully conscious of them, and I could no longer ignore them. I now had choice! The power was in my hands to see these lies for what they were worth: a tool, a magnifier of the ways in which I don’t show up for myself and the ways I DESERVE to.

Now maybe you’re telling yourself at this point, “I’m pretty honest with myself”.  Perhaps you are, and that’s wonderful! But for a moment, examine the ways in your life you WISH you could show up for yourself, and then ask yourself why you haven’t yet, why are you scared to, or why is there resistance.  Be still with this question as you start to feel the answers in your body; trust that you know the answers. Your body is a conductor for the symphony of truth you’ll hear when your ready to receive its magic.

Showing up for yourself is an honoring of the beauty and miracle that you are.  This honesty is the pleasure of holding yourself in the utmost respect. This honesty is the pleasure of self intimacy.  This honesty is the ritualistic humility that breaks us free from past conditioning and entangled untruths, to embrace the joy, pleasure, and bliss of true freedom: the freedom to live out loud, live vibrantly, live purposefully, live aligned, and live abundantly.

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