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"Pleasure is the materialization of presence;

here, we are fully engaged with our miraculous sensuality."

-One Thread

Holistic Pleasure Coaching


  • Knowledge in the hands of an aware and intentional recipient is the greatest power one has. There is untapped potential in your sensuality and sexuality that can be healing and transformative. As a coach and educator, my purpose is to equip you with the knowledge and tools to become a conscious woman, aware of herself, and intentional in her thoughts and actions.   From this, you will be able to pave your own path of self-knowing, to then blossom into your power and expand your opportunities to experience pleasure.


  • Your ability to expand and receive pleasure is a glimpse into the balance of your heart, mind, body, and soul.  Holistic pleasure coaching addresses the whole-being through a process of empowered questioning.  To reflect upon the terrain of your life and connect the dots of your many selves allows you to shine light on limiting beliefs that keep you from the pleasure you desire, while celebrating the process of discovery, weaving greater self-love and worth within you.


  • Alignment is the ultimate state of well-being; to live from this space is freedom.  Underlying this entire process is the practice of sensing alignment with your highest, intuitive Self through your body.  Developing your relationship to and with your body is the guiding vision of One Thread, and the grounding principle to your process of discovery, healing, and transformation.  You will learn how to slowly and securely reintroduce yourself to your body and develop a common language that will guide you to listen to your desires, respond and express yourself with clarity and courage, live and love intentionally, and embody pleasure daily.

One Thread Principles


Expand Your Connection to Pleasure 

Private 1 hour Coaching

3 month Coaching Package Coming soon!!

In private coaching sessions, we'll begin by focusing on what drives you to live a life of joyous pleasure.  To engage more deeply with the reservoir of pleasure that is already within you, visualization, meditation, breathwork, and journaling is used to support you to understand and release the blockages to the personal power you seek to connect with.  Tapping into this energy, I will support you to unearth the love, passion, and pleasure that you deserve to receive.

Private Coaching


Discover Your Pleasure

Gather In Friendship


Celebrate Your Feminine

A 3 hour Guided Meditation Experience

Gather with up to five of your favorite gal pals and discover how you can access the depths of your pleasure to create the love and joy you've been craving.  You bring the snacks and I'll bring the good vibes.  Including three unique meditations, we'll laugh, we'll share, maybe shed a few happy tears as I guide you to love your body, discover your erotic power, and connect with your sexual energy.  A special gift for each guest is a sweet little takeaway so that you can continue to grow your practice of pleasure.

Ecstatic Presence

A 6-week Online Journey Into the Heart of Your Pleasure

Coming Soon!!!

Module 1:

The Present In Motion

You will learn practices that will support you in building awareness of how your emotions, thoughts, and intuition speak in your body so that you can FEEL when you are aligned and centered to a place of harmony.  You'll also learn how to bring yourself back into alignment when you're in a state or resistance

Module 2:

Intentional Connection

Building upon the foundation of sensual intimacy, you will begin to learn how to listen to and engage with your eroticism.  This energy is what creates more intention and purpose in your life.  You'll learn to hear your Soul's deep desires and grow this energy into reality

Module 3:

The Art of Allowance

The tools in this module will help to bring this energy of intentionality into reality.  You will begin to practice the art of allowance  as an expression of personal power and a practice of choice and willingness to receive your value and worth in unexpected and beautiful ways.

Module 4:

Embodied Pleasure

You will learn ways that will teach you how to truly honor what you are coming to learn about yourself, to love the process, to celebrate yourself with more frequency to receive, create, and express and live pleasure in your daily life.

This program is right for you if...

  • You've been feeling disconnected from your body and are ready for more

  • You give so much to others but are desiring to prioritize yourself

  • You're tired of feeling stuck but don't know how get clear on what you need

  • You find it difficult to slow down the pace of your thoughts and be present to yourself and in your intimate spaces

  • You yearn to learn how to communicate your desires 


Coming Soon


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